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Decopan Hygiene - Germ-free FRP panels for everyplace where high hygiene is a must
Decopan Hijyen Ameliyathane

Most critical institutions trust Decopan Hygiene

Decopan Hygiene was used in Turkey and Europe at the facilities and buildings as the meat and dairy industries, hospitals, surgery rooms, delivery rooms, public areas of the hospitals and clinics, laboratories, hatcheries, fish farms, public toilets, etc. where critical hygienic environment in compliance with advanced quality, safety and health standards is required.

World's largest container town built with Decopan FRP

Decopan hygiene and safety at the world’s largest container town

The biggest container town of the world, constructed by MMS, the outstanding mobile systems producer of Turkey and the Middle East, opened at Kilis.

Houses of the town, constructed to hold 20.000 people, are manufactured with Decopan FRP sheets due to the highly hygienic characteristics and robustness of the product.

Decopan Hygiene mobile or modular kitchens

Decopan’s hygiene for the public health in Istanbul

Decopan Hygiene FRP sheets are used at the interiors of new public toilets, built to serve intensely in one of the largest metropolitan cities of the world, Istanbul.

Decopan Hygiene is preferred by Standart Group one of the most innovative modular construction groups of Turkey.

Decopan Hygiene FRP GRP sheets in NGC-Groep Sunseeker house production

The Nederlands’ Recreation Group is manufacturing with Decopan

Nederlandse Recreatie Groep, focused primarily on the recreation industry since 1936, is manufacturing the new Sunseeker mobile houses with Decopan FRP sheets.

The holding with 78 years experience, well-known of its environmental care, considered environmental friendly characteristics of Decopan important as well as the highly hygienic and robust structure of the sheets.

Decopan Hygiene Cheese production facility

Superior specifications

A few of the superior specs of Decopan Hygiene are:

  • Hygienic surface preventing bacterial, fungal and mold growth,
  • Ease of cleaning and stain proofness,
  • Chemical resistance allowing use of disinfectants,
  • Anticorrosive structure,
  • High resistance to impacts and crashes,
  • High resistance to moisture,
  • Low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance,
  • Ease of mounting,
  • Maintenance-free usage under normal conditions,
  • Hassle-free aplication at large areas,
  • High esthetics.
Decopan Hiyjen Ege Üniversitesi Klinik

Areas of use

Decopan Hygiene FRP wall and ceiling panels are widely uset at:

  • Medical operation and delivery rooms,
  • Units of intensive care,
  • Laboratories,
  • Public areas of the hospitals, clinics, health centers, etc.,
  • Drug industry and distribution warehouses,
  • Food and beverage industry,
  • Slaughterhouses and meat facilities,
  • Dairy industry,
  • Cold storage rooms,
  • Incubators and livestock facilities,
  • Kitchens, retail stores,
  • Schools, dormitories, hostels
  • Wet areas and washing facilities,
  • Petrochemical industry,,
  • Computer and server rooms, etc.