Decopan Epoxy extra strong Decopan Epoxy extra strong Decopan Epoxy ekstra strong
Decopan Extra Strong - Top resistance and robustness

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong is a unique material, where strength, stiffness, durability and light weight are required.

Epoxy resin matrix increases the mechanical properties of the composite and make the material stronger comparing to standard polyester laminates.

With glass fiber content above 50 percent and significant results in impact resistance and stiffness, Decopan Extra Strong is able to replace composites which are more heavier.

Exceptional mechanical properties

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong; FRP / GRP laminates are:

  • Huge cost saver in applications where lightness is needed (semi-trailer / truck bodies, cold rooms, medical and industrial FRP / GRP applications) büyük maliyet ve işletme tasarrufu sağlar.
  • Odorless
  • Materials with very low thermal expansion coefficient.

Product / spect range

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong; FRP / GRP laminates are:

  • available in Available in Quadraxial, Biaxial and standard woven rowing.
  • produced within thickness range of 0.7 mm to 1.6 mm.
  • produced within the range of 2,800 mm (standard woven), and 2,480 mm (special Quadrial or Biaxial woven) in width.
  • gelcoat laminates for better UV resistance and food contact.
  • easy to adhere with corona applied back.

Areas of use

  • Caravan / camper / RV industry
  • Commercial vehicle body building industry
  • Bus / coach industry
  • Industrial applications
  • Cold rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Hygienic applications